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Snowy Glow

When there's tons of snow on the ground from the 2016 Snowpocageddon, you don't need any reflectors or lighting assistance! The natural light from the sun and the snow as a reflector and you have the most beautiful, soft, glowing light you could ever ask for. And soprano Tirzah Hawley was smart enough to choose a snowy photoshoot!

There was something about this photo in particular that just stole my heart. There is no reflector used at all. The glow comes from the sunlight bouncing off of snow that was not even on the sidewalk near us. And it just manages to catch the beautiful twinkle in Tirzah's eye.

Tirzah studies with Phyllis Bryn-Julson at Peabody Conservatory and will be finishing her masters this spring.

#soprano #photo #baltimore #mountvernon #headshots

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